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Case studies


IN 2013 ECS was awarded the tender by Blacktown Council for CCTV installation and monitoring of the Chinese Garden in the Naraginji Reserve. We stepped up to the challenge of securing and maintaining the Reserve from Vandalism and discourage Violent activity.
Our ECS technical team conducted a due diligence of the geographical terrain, concurrently implementing a preliminary base line study of the zone to find the best possible solution(s) for the needs of the client and their budget.

The conclusion upon completion was the requirement of 2 camera sets: IP cameras with a motion activated IR facility (night vision) – running on SYSTEM 1 and SYSTEM 2.


System One All data from the Reserve’s locally secured hard drive is transferred and stored in our control room.

System Two Running independently, and relying on phone line GPRS, this system includes a back-up battery to support functionality should access to local power be interrupted.
This system takes snap shots with 15 sec play back and motion detection. A passive infrared sensor (PIR) is engaged with this surveillance equipment facilitating a combined 2-in-1 back-up system.

System Two sends the data to the control room immediately if urgent action is required. The data is stored for approximately 4 weeks.

There are 18 PIR cameras in total. 9 PIR and 9 snap shot PIR.
These are Night Activated. Our ECS control centre receives automated email notifications for any activation which relays to the Police and ECS patrols who are dispatched to the site immediately.

Our team at ECS strives to ensure superior products such as the Samsung DG4 System and videofied are used to securing sites and facilities to achieve the highest quality monitoring and maintenance of your facilities.


In total there are 9 cameras and 9 PIR’s in total and there are 9 snap shot PIR cameras overall total of 18.
These are activated at night time. Our ECS control room receives an automated email for these activations who in turn calls the Police and ECS patrols are dispatched to the site immediately.
At ECS we strive to make a difference by being involved in securing sites and facilities. We believe in recommending quality products such as Samsung DG4 System and videofied.